Data-driven B2B Lead Generation

Genuine, warm, qualified, high-value leads

Targeted leads for your needs

C-Level executives, decision-makers, high earners, high-net-worth individuals, venture capitalists and institutional investors.

Genuine & Warm
Leads who are genuinely interested in talking to you, delivered in real-time.


Best in class B2B Lead Generation

AI Technology meets prospecting services. We can help you target the right clients with bespoke and personalised engagement.

Wealth Managers & IFAs

Are you tired of low-quality, expensive appointment makers and website leads?


Venture Capital & Investment Funds

Are you looking to raise a fund or grow your investor network?


Startups & SMEs

B2B lead generation or fundraising, the smart way


What NETZ Clients Say?

“We were looking to raise a $10 million equity investment for one of our clients. NETZ completely exceeded our expectations and connected us with over 110 high-quality investors. I can only recommend NETZ to anyone looking to raise funds in a targeted, efficient and cost-effective way.”

Andrea Arcangeli

Managing Partner at AcAp Advisory


Partner, Wealth Manager Firm

“NETZ has quickly become a key part of my lead generation strategy. I am getting good results in my local area and I found the team very professional to deal with throughout the process of setting up and managing my campaign. Its allowed me to create activity with meeting new businesses and clients and in return had a positive outcome thus far

“NETZ gave me key insights into investor leads and helped me build a prospecting engine for our fundraising campaigns. NETZ has allowed me to significantly improve my targeting and conversion efficiency in growing our network of sophisticated investors.”

Joseph Zipfel

Investment Manager, Startup Funding Club

No more cold calling! No more mixed-bag website leads! No more placement agents!

AI technology mixed with a personalised service to build your very own prospecting engine which will help you source and engage with genuine B2B Decision-Makers, Affluent and High-Net-Worth leads or investors of your choice.